Episode 45 | 01.02.11

No More Booty returns with a special one-off cast. While Esa is snowed in on the east coast, Richard goes solo with a little help from Elena. We talk about surgery, Ed O’Neill, and play some of our favorite songs from 2010.

WARNING: Volume levels fluctuate wildly.

Happy New Year!


“Chinatown” by Wild Nothing, Gemini (Captured Tracks 2010)
“Vireo’s Eye'” by Future Islands, In Evening Air (Thrill Jockey 2010)
“Castles in the Snow” by Twin Shadow, Forget (Terrible Records 2010)
“Die in Bed” by Frank (Just Frank), The Brutal Wave (Weird Records 2010)
“Not in Love ft. Robert Smith” by Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles (Universal 2010)
“Dancing on My Own” by Robyn, Body Talk (Konichiwa 2010)
“TV All Greasy” by Tobacco, Maniac Meat (Anticon. 2010)
“More Bass, More Treble” by E-40, Revenue Retrievin’: Night Shift (Heavy On the Grind 2010)
“Can I Rap?” by Roach Gigz, (Internet 2010)
“6 Foot 7 Foot ft. Cory Gunz” by Lil’Wayne, (Internet 2010)
“MC Hammer” by Rick Ross, Teflon Don (Slip N Slide 2010)
“Re-Up” by Danny Brown, The Hybrid (Internet 2010)
“Rapping 2 U ft Lakutis” by Das Racis, Sit Down, Man (Greedhead 2010)

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1 Response to Episode 45 | 01.02.11

  1. North says:

    Hello. These are great, where did you go?

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