Episode 40 | 06.13.10

No More Booty celebrates the big 4-0 with some languid, listless tracks followed by instrumental dance rock. Kind of like getting down about being middle-aged and then crashing a house party. Yeah, exactly like that.


“Doctor (Five Discs Cover)” by Atlas Sound, Virtual 7″ No. 8 (2009)
“Red-Eyed And Blue” by Wilco, Being There (Reprise 1996)
“Thirteen” by Big Star, #1 Record (Ardent 1972)
“Tears In The Typing Pool” by Broadcast, Tender Buttons (Warp Records 2005)
“Blue” by Julie Doiron, I Can Wonder What You Did with Your Day (Jagjaguwar 2009)
“Soft Skin” by Mountain Man, Made the Harbor (Bella Union/Partisan 2010)
“Ancient Chinese Secret Blues” by Clem Snide, The Ghost Of Fashion (spinART 2001)
“Two Of Us” by Supertramp, Crisis? What Crisis? (A&M 1975)

“Paper” by Explode into Colors, Paper 7″(Just for the Hell of it 2009)
“Dekinai” by Yura Yura Teikoku, Hollow Me/ Beautiful (DFA 2009)
“Destroy Yourself” by Michael Dracula, In the Red (ZE 2007)
“My Two Nads” by Out Hud, S.T.R.E.E.T.D.A.D. (Kranky 2002)
“Maximum Sunshine” by Lynnfield Pioneers, Free Popcorn (Matador 1999)

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