Episode 37 | 05.02.10

This week No More Booty risks alienating new listeners with some freak folk and music to do Ambien by. Eat more fiber kids.


“Fight For Me” by Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Retina (The Control Group 2010)
“Keep The Dog Quiet” by Owen Pallett, Heartland (Domino 2010)
“Someone Else’s Muse” by Parenthetical Girls, Privilege Pt. 1 (Slender Means Society 2010)
“Goldfinch Gluespoo” by Tomboyfriend, Don’t Go To School (2010)

– – –

“The Process of Leaving” by e*vax, Parking Lot Music (audio dregs 2001)
“My Love I Love” by Bogdan Raczynski, My Love I Love (Rephlex 2001)
“NY Snow Globe” by Rachels, Systems/Layers (Quarterstick 2003)
“Luftchen” by FS BLumm, Summer Kling (Morr 2006)
“The Only Book He Ever Read” by Illoin, Pinafore (Notenuf 2003)
“At Home Costume: Indecent Proposal” Reaching Quiet, In the Shadow of the Living Room (Mush 2002)
“Maproom” by Slowblow, Noi Albinoi (Kitchen Motors 2004)
“11th Ave. Freakout Pt. 1” by Odd Nosdam, Burner (Anticon 2005)

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