Episode 36 | 04.25.10

This week on No More Booty, laptop rock leads to an Indian dance, dance off. Brace yourself.


“Glad Tidings” by Sound Team (Van Morrison Cover), Into the Lens (2002)
“Emperors Crash Course in Cantonese” by Kid Koala, Scratchcratchratchatch (Ninja Tune 1996)
“Hall” by Baths, Cerulean (Anticon 2010)
“I Feel Bonnie” by Hot Chip Feat. Bonnie Prince Billy, I Feel Better (EMI 2010)
“In Heat” by HEALTH (Javelin Remix), Unreleased (2010)

“Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki” by Vijay Benedict, S/T Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki (1984)
“Pyar Chaiye Keh Paisa” by Charanjit Singh, S/T Chhailla Babu (1978)
“Meri Nazar Tujhpe” by R.D. Burnman, S/T The Burning Train (1979)
“Giraffe Trapping Music” by Sapan Jagmohan, S/T Habari (1978)
“Jeena Bhi Kya Hai Jeena” by Salma Agha & Bappi Lahiri, S/T Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki (1984)
“Dance Music” by Govind Haresh, S/T Ghamandee (1981)
“Cabaret Dance Music” by Kalyani Anandji, S/T Anjane Mein (1978)
“Y.O.G.A.” by Sonik Omni, S/T Bond 303 (1984)
“I Am a Disco Dancer” by Bappi Lahiri, S/T Disco Dancer (1982)
“Pyar Mein Jenna” by Bappi Lahiri, S/T Love Love Love (1987)

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