Episode 31 | 02.28.10

This week on No More Booty we play music to sell everything you own to, with lots of drum machines and dirty, dirty rap.


“The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” by The Walker Brothers, Best of Scott Walker (Universal 2000)
“Cranberry ” by The Ruby Suns, Fight Softly (Sub Pop 2010)
“You’ll See It” by Washed Out, Life of Leisure (Mexican Summer 2009)
“Nico” by So Many Wizards, Love Songs for When You Leave Me EP (2010)
“Bad Lover” by Small Black , Small Black EP (Cass Club 2009)
“Dream Baby Dream” by Suicide, Suicide (Mute Records 1980)

“Fuck My Face” by Ms. No Tonsils (unreleased 2010)
“Ass-N-Titties” by Dj Assault, Off the Chain for the Y2K (Intuit-Solar Recordings 2000)
“Speed it up Pussy” by XXXchange (unreleased)
“Loose” by Spank Rock, Spank Rock and Benny Blanco Are… Bangers & Cash (Downtown 2007)
“Sanwiches” by Detroit Grand Pubahs, Funk All Y’all (Jive 2001)

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