Episode 27 | 01.31.10

This week our old friend, Lelon guest hosts. Apparently Esa and I used to make fun of his musical taste. Go figure.



“Everywhere I Go” by The Capricorns, Go the Distance! (Banazan 2003)
“Lady Fingers” by The Fever, Pink on Pink EP (Kemando 2003)
“Bible and a Gun” by Professor and Maryann, Runaway Favorite (Happy Thighs 2003)
“The Light” by Mirah, C’mon Miracle (K 2004)
“No Loss” by The Displaced, The Displaced (Displaced 2003)
“Night Kiss” by X-Possibles, Blood Everywhere (X-Possibles 2003)
“Grizzly Bear” by All Girl Summer Fun Band, 2 (K 2003)
“Sebastian in Nigeria” by Atom and His Package, Hamburgers EP (File13 2002)

“Colours” by These New Puritans, Beat Pyramid (Domino 2008)
“Fishage” by Beaters, Fishage 7” (Zoo Music 2009)
“Life Magazine” by Cold Cave, Love Comes Close (Matador 2009)
“How to Serve Man” by El-P, How to Serve Man singe (Def-Jux 2010)
“B-Boy Alpha” by Cannibal Ox, Cold Vein (Def-Jux 2001)

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