Episode 19 | 12.01.09

No More Booty returns on schedule with new goals, some smack talk, and the shout-outs get violent. Oh, and we play music, lots and lots of music.



“I’ve Just Seen A Face” by Ludella Black, Sympathetic Sounds of Toe-Rag Studios London (Sympathy For The Record Industry 2002)
“Tender Buttons” by Broadcast, Tender Buttons (Warp 2005)
“I’m Gonna Haunt You” by Fabienne Del Sol, No Time for Sorrows (Damaged Goods 2008)
“Let Her Dance” by Bobby Fuller Four, Fantastic Mr. Fox Soundtrack (ABKCO Records 2009)
“God Only Knows” by Bullion, Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee (Unreleased 2007)
“Walkabout” by Atlas Sound, Logos (Kranky/4AD 2009)
“Any Way That You Want Me” by Spiritualized, Me and You and Everyone We Know Soundtrack (Everloving 2005)

“Medicine Magazine” by Low, Things We Lost in the Fire (Kranky 2001)
“Don’t Be Upset” by Jeffrey Lewis, City & Eastern Songs (Rough Trade 2006)
“Morning Coffee” by Lullatone, Little Songs about Raindrops (Audio Dregs 2004)
“Devil Town” by Daniel Johnston, 1990 (Shimmy disc 1990)
“The Way” by Bonnie Prince Billy, Master and Everyone (Domino 2003)
“Longform” by The Dodos, Time to Die (Frenchkiss 2009)

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