Episode 9 | 04.24.09

In this week’s episode of No More Booty, the inevitable happens as Richard puts the ‘drunk’ in ‘drunkcast,’ Esa grows a playoff beard, and there may or may not be a song played that makes you rethink everything you thought you knew about this podcast.



“Freeway” by Kurt Vile, Constant Hitmaker (Gulcher 2008)
“Film Music” by Electrelane, Rock It To The Moon (Mr. Lady Records 2001)
“Cheree” by Suicide, Suicide (Red Star Records 1977)
“subotnick” by Caribou, The Milk of Human Kindness (Domino 2005)
“My 1st Song” by Jay-Z + DJ Danger Mouse, The Grey Album (unreleased 2004)
“Losing My Edge” by LCD Soundsystem, LCD Soundsystem (DFA Records 2002)

“I Don’t Wanna Die” by The Unicorns, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone? (Alien8 2003)
“The Weight She Fell Under” by Parenthetical Girls, Safe as Houses (Slender Means Society 2006)
“Indian Summer” by Beat Happening, Jamboree (K 1988)
“Be Mine” by Robyn, The Album (Ministry of Sound 2008)
“The Fall of Mr. Fifths” by Why?, Alopecia (Anticon 2008)
“If I Don’t Return” by Dntel, v/a Dublab presents Freeways (Emperor Norton 2001)
“I Love you Credence” by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Etiquette (Tomlab 2006)

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